Bloody Mary gives a counter draft to the norm core of contemporary power fashion and examines the relation between power, opulence and femininity.

The 80s power suit and the sway armament of Elisabeth the first are serving as reference points.

While exploring my two reference points i found similarity in the accenting of the shoulder. In my design the opulence is in the siluette and also mostly in the shoulder and sleeve part. I see opulence as opposite pole to todays norm core.

Opulence also can be found in the material treatment. There is the shiny and sleek surface of the silicon coat, the smooth, matt and dusted velvet brocade imitation and the devoré with it’s colour and material contrast in it self.

For me it was important to make some of the dust of the elizabethan age perceptible but also at the same time the dynamic requested in todays business world.

The subject of femininity is not just found in the colour choice, the title and the presenttion but also in the print of the velvet brocade on the skirt and collar. The print is a rapport of abstracted ovaries. The ovaries them selfs are composed out of little occupy hands, a sign language by the occupy movement, to be understand as an anti capitalistic language, inspired by wall street trade language.

Bloody Mary lends the wearer present and space.

Photograph: Hannah Greifenstein @zionkoenig

Model: z a r a a l e x a @zara_alexa

H&M: Car0 Greifenstein @care.0