The wedding dress has a come back at the end of couture shows, where it mostly had disappeared for the last years.

Wedding fairs are flourishing and to marry in an opulent way gets more and more common. When I was trying to explain this topicality I realized two, seemingly irreconcilable differences in it’s possible reasons.

As one reason for the raising popularity of marriage, I saw the safety need a lot of people in Europe seem to have, becoming visible in the fears which are giving voice to, in conservative and right wing movements.

On the other hand I saw the romantic side, the positivity, naiveté and the hope, lying in the gesture of marrying.

I’m fascinated by this contrasts and think both thoughts, the fear as well as the hope, are getting visualized in the wedding dress. As the visualization of fear i see the display of private happiness which also means exclusion.

The weeding dress carries a lot of antitheses.

As a fashion designer, the conflict between the wedding dress, as an extremely fashionable item, and the wedding dress, as non fashion, is very interesting.

The wedding dress is as an extremely fashionable item because it is only made for one day and often is the most expensive piece of clothing a women will ever buy in her life.

It is non fashion, because it’s pleading on traditional as beautiful prevailing styles.
A bride is a bride and can’t get mistaken, she isn’t taking any fashion risk which can turn a piece of clothing into fashion because it nourishes discourse and raises thoughts.

With my designs I want to animate thoughts and associations.

Design & Concept: Paula Keilholz @linkzupaula
Photo: Laura Spes @lauraspes,
Photo Assistant: Mathias @matt_dury,
Model: Ksenya Pankova @arinaksenya
Make-Up: CarO Greifenstein @care.0