CodeBodyUnform is a cooperation project with knitwear company Wolford. The project displayed at this side won the Wolford price.

When I started to research about Wolford, I received the impression of products with persuasive quality but a marketing concept which is hardly custom tailored.

The omnipresent body type in the the brand communication seems to be dehumanized; through exaggeration of allegedly ideal features like long legs, small waist, even skin, the models‘ bodies become neutral display dummies. They fail to convey one of the key advantages of the brand’s products, which is to fit different and individual bodies (think: customized shapewear etc.).

At that point I started to think: Maybe the supposed inadequacy of a not custom- designed marketing concept could also be an advantage.

Never before companies knew their clients so well.

By revealing our data we get manipulated, targeted with customized advertisement and constantly surrounded by individualized content. Phenomena like China’s social credit system, are drawing attention to ethical questions surrounding the processing and use of personal data.

People – customers – are becoming more and more sceptical.

In light of such developments, a radically non-customized advertisement strategy, and special products which reflect this idea, will appease customers’ doubts and render the shopping experience one of safety and reassurance.

My design suggestion is one of ,,Randomized Marketing’’; the strategy of non- customization and concealment of identity is implemented on the levels of inspirations, design, and presentation.

Algorithms, which are taking evermore design functions and are replacing the potentially irrational and subjective designer, are used and questioned in the design process.

My designs were created by principles of randomness, by uncontrollability and mistakes.

My silhouettes for example were created through mashing up and corroding Wolford advertising picture codes with quotations of Walter Benjamin and Vilém Flusser on photography.
My designs are not only created by digital glitches but they are also bugging back in their presentation creating mistakes.

Makeup and styling aim to lower the facial recognition score. The model is now radically deindividualized; customers may aim for the same look.

I’m fascinated by the point of intersection of actual reality and online reality, and the impact and the influences the two have on each other. The objective of my design process is to respect both.

shot by Almog Sella &Itamar Toren @true.twins,
worn by Laura Talkenberg @scrmch_aaoue
H&M by CarO @care.0
Video by Hannah Greifenstein @zionkoenig
Sound by Benjamin Flesser @benjaminflesser
Fashion and Concept Paula Keilholz @linkzupaula